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Deep down we both know the truth

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I make no secret of My affinity for Extreme Financial Domination, but I get off on treating men like a sack of shit, of finding humiliating little ways to get into their head. I don’t start out abusive, or shouting, oh no that’s no fun.

I am much more dangerous than that! I find out about you, your desires, your perversions, I make you trust Me enough to tell Me your deepest secrets. And then the fun begins. I use what I know to humiliate you, manipulate you, and I train your cock to be hard while I do it, so you have even more to be ashamed about!

I know something else too. Your cock is getting harder reading these words, and you’re not going to be able to help it. You’ll shell out the six bucks to see these photos. And then you will realize you need even more. It’s not about this fucking six bucks, it’s about addicting you to MY special form of abuse that you will return for again and again.

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This is what I think