Robot Paypig Training Program

One of the most dangerous and erotic paypig series I have ever ever released

Robot paypig training program! Danger! Go ahead. I know you’re curious about My training program.

I know you are wondering how I get slaves to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Me.  Go ahead. Just buy one. Listen to the audio. Let your cock throb.

There are many levels. Each one with its own little hypnotic audio and trance mantras to turn you into a robot that serves Me!

But understand. It’s dangerous. Some of you who are curious will start buying and won’t be able to stop. The hypnotic suggestions in the audio will take hold.

But the first one is only $2. Go ahead. Satisfy your curiosity

Quotes from slaves who bought this set:

“Like a drug.. You start on it and will never what to leave. Lauren will be your destruction!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED”

” Yes, it really does start with just a $2 paymail. Like the first hit of a powerfully addicting drug. Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

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