Tease Photos

I seduce and tease men..and that’s part of how you will become addicted!

loser abuse
female supremacy

femdomme latex

you will all LOVE this, but latex lovers will swoon


Look up at Me. Did you think you could resist?


Seduction Flurry. Beware!


Leather, sunglasses and LUST


One of My most seductive beautiful
sets ever! See My seductive images


Roses are so seductive for a woman
A woman’s body however is all that is needed to seduce and exploit weak men


Making you pay
for your humiliation


A very elegant set of three

that will make you fall to your knees


Lust gets you into trouble

so will buying these photos


I have a way of taking your breath away

you sigh and just *know* you must obey


Photos for weak men. That’s you right?


A rare chance to get a 3 photo set of Me for just $5. This is the photo set that caused guys to spend over 2,000 dollars on Me the first hour I released it


Dr Lauren is here to re-educate and re-condition you and save you from yourself


Just one Photo.

One Word: Seduction


These are the sheerest panties I have ever done a photo shoot in. You’ll get a glimpse of what you will NEVER have


These are the panties that my addicts seem to be captivated by. Or maybe it’s just the way I wear them!

A bargain at


First of three sets from a cheeky schoolgirl shoot!


Set #2 of Me feeling pretty bratty!


Perhaps the best of “the cheeky shoots” But you won’t know unless you buy them all. *smiles*


Non nudes photos to add to a slave’s devotional collection. Umm…you *do* have a devotional collection, right??