It’s Mardi Gras time!

Come Explore the Seven Deadly Sins with Me for Mardi Gras!

Lust is a stroke game!  It’s best to play when you’re ready to cum!



Greed is a series especially for the Money Slaves and Lauren junkies. (Robot Paypigs report!)

Sloth is for those of you too lazy to do anything but stare at My perfect ass.  Three lovely ass photos


Wrath is fun! Wrath is an abusive little mp3 audio with some abusive little photos!


Pride is ALL about My perfect Feet—4 beautiful Foot photos!

And Envy is a collection of Six Photos of Me with Cash in it, AND the Total

I have made in the past seven years here on Niteflirt doing Wallet Rapes (as of 2/2014)