Financial Domination Photos

What could be more arousing than photos depicting Me in the Role of Financial Sadist?

Well, other than actually financially sodomizing you, not much.

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Wallet rape photos to inspire you


Financial Domination

See the $2 photo set that inspired slaves to spend more than $17,000 dollars in ten days


Exploited by My strap on…another hot wallet rape series by Lauren


Wallet rape feels soooo arousing


I am the Goddess of Greed
I am of the 1% and its YOUR job to keep Me there, let yourself
go with this series


Pretty and dangerous. Pretty dangerous too/h3>


What am I hiding under there?
Hint: Watch it wallet rape


It’s only $5 for three photos

it can’t lead to wallet rape? can it?


Fuck you!

Your wallet is Mine to plunder


I treat your wallet like a horny slut and strip it bare


Abusing your cash with a big black dildo


A unique captioned animated gif that tells a financial domination story. Watch as I wallet rape this guy.


An amusing reminder of why I deserve your cash and you do not.

Many photos of Me in this PTV, most of which will help me claim your cash!


You’ll be imagining you’re the one throwing cash at My feet

For a mere $10 start, you may end up actually throwing $$$$ in My direction


Wallet rape will have a concrete meaning for you after you view these photos!

And you’ll be strangely aroused seeing how I think about it…


These are the very first photos I released with a FinDomme theme, they are two very eloquently captioned and erotic photos. And still offered at the original price


A zip file with TEN of my finest financial domination images. A must for the serious Lauren Junkie!