Max out your credit card for Lauren! PTV series

I weaken your mind with a 3+ minute slide show with a deadly audio.  This is at its most dangerous if you listen to them on headphones, as there are separate tracks for your left and right ears. (Each accessing deep parts of your weak pigslave mind) Hypnotic. Cash. Surrender. There are subliminal messages and overt commands. There are Tibetan chimes that make your weak mind even more receptive.That is followed by a directive that makes you want to please Me. A directive that makes you want to max your credit card for Lauren.Helpful hint:  It would please Me a great deal if before I do a lot of damage to your credit card for you to call the bank and ask them for a credit limit increase.  Then when we begin our fuckover, there will be more cash for Me to take from you. Financial Domination Phone sex
All your credit belongs to Me!