All my hypnosis PTVs in one place.

financial domination breasts
ass trance hypnopig audio financial domination humiliation
Paypig training begins here Lauren is an unethical hypnotist


Amazing slideshow with audio. I will brainwash you to surrender!


femdom hypnosis

unethical hypnotist

Hypnotists have a code of conduct right? Not Lauren. Be afaid and surrende. This is a series with audio and photos. It starts at only $2!


Hynpotic fuckover

foot hypnotism

Hypnosis? Panties? Feet? Lauren Addiction? Buy these!


hypnotize you with My feet

cuckhold hypnosis

Begin your cuckold status with a touch of hypnosis. Slideshow with audtio


Financial Domination

femdomme hypnosis

A 31 minute Hypnotic Audio with several layers and subliminals. A must have for those who really love hypnosis


HypnoLoser Slideshow, and series. Surrender Loser and Obey


This is a hypnotic video experience with trancy audio complete with subliminals and biaural beats to fuck with your head


Images and hypnotic audio that will strengthen your foot fetish and your desire to be owned by Me


A slideshow with audio.
Hypnotic cock control
a surprise at the end


Can I brainwash you to give Me all your cash?
Why yes I can. Of course, you *can* try to prove Me wrong


Breasts. Nothing will matter but My breasts. Video clip with audio.


Video/slideshow clip with audio. You’ll surrender your will to Me


Hypnotic mp3 designed to prepare you for your transformation to female. Step by step!